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  • 16.03

    Uusi Diesel API kategoria CK-4 ja FA-4

    In an effort to keep you apprised of the latest industry news, we want to share an update on PC-11, the next API heavy duty engine oil service category proposed for 2016.

    It’s now official! Implementation of PC-11 will result in the creation of two new API service classifications: CK-4 and FA-4. Products meeting these classifications will be available at first licensing in December 2016. CK-4 will provide improved performance over the traditional protective features of CJ-4. The new fuel efficient FA-4 category, specific to xW-30 grades, must pass the same qualification tests and limits as CK-4.

    As a quick review, the three main drivers for the new and expanded PC-11 service categories are:

        -New U.S. fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty on-road trucks
        -Replacement of current engine tests that are becoming obsolete
        -Improved oil quality in terms of shear stability, thermal stability, aeration control and oxidation control

    Split Category

    The new API Service Category now provides choices for SAE xW-30 oils.

       CK-4 SAE xW-30 oil will remain unchanged compared to the current CJ-4 minimum HTHS viscosity requirement of 3.5 cP. This oil would be backward compatible with engines built prior to the 2017 model-year.
        FA-4 SAE xW-30 oil provides fuel economy by formulating to the lower HTHS viscosity of 2.9-3.3 cP. Caution is warranted in choosing between these options. Generally speaking, FA-4 products are intended to be used with the next generation of engine technology. OEM assessment of the FA-4 classification is currently underway and backwards compatibility is yet to be determined. Moreover, FA-4 products MAY end up being limited to certain engine designs in specialized service. Some off-road and agriculture OEMs are not likely to support the use of low HTHS oils in their engines because of durability concerns.

    Improved performance of PC-11 oils is needed to ensure protection for the increasingly demanding conditions from today's engines. Among other things, new engines will operate with much higher sump temperatures. Some of the new engines may be equipped with active oil temperature control which at times may heat the oil.

    Universal Oils

    In addition to the split of CK-4 and FA-4, also new for 2016 is the chemical restrictions placed on HDEOs dually qualifying for gasoline application. Over concerns of catalytic converter poisoning, a Phosphorous Limit of 0.08 wt% max. will be imposed. Phosphorous based chemistry has long been demonstrated to be an extremely effective anti-wear agent. As such, novel chemistries have been developed in response to this restriction. Consumers who have off-road or otherwise place extreme demands on the oil may choose a “diesel only” fluid versus a universal oil.

    Phillips 66 Lubricants will have a complete line of market-leading PC-11 products suitable for the full spectrum of customer needs. Extensive evaluations in the field and the lab have allow us to seek out the best performing technologies and optimized formulations for this challenging next generation of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils.